Cloud Services for Business

Business Cloud Services

Transitioning to cloud services does not have to be a difficult, drawn out process. Our IT staff will help your business migrate to the cloud, integrate with your current business software, and continue to help maintain and support all of your business needs.

Cost-Effective & Scalable Cloud Solutions

The cost of purchasing servers and the headaches that come with hiring additional IT staff are only a few of the reasons many businesses are migrating IT needs to the cloud. The flexible IT infrastructure our cloud IT services provide give businesses a cost-effective IT solution that is both scalable and affordable.

Cloud Business Software

Saas, Software-as-a-Service, gives businesses a cost-effective software solution for business software that would otherwise be too expensive to purchase, support, or maintain on-site. Salesforce and NetSuite are popular SaaS examples of business software programs that provide affordable software solutions for business.

Cloud Service Infrastructure

TechStarters provides cloud services to support, supplement and replace your outdated IT infrastruture. IaaS, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, gives business the option to purchase virtual infrastructure resources, without incurring the cost of hardware depreciation.Infrastructure-as-a-Service technology purchases include web servers, memory, CPUs. We are experts with the most popular IaaS configurations that include AWS (Amazon Web Services), Rackspace, Google Compute Engine and more.